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Victa VC Series





VC-160 Series 3 V111  (72VJ) 1972
Supplied by Scott W
(Brand new old stock)

It's a 1972 Series 3 V111 VC-160 (72VJ) with Series 70 MKII engine and G3 Carby.
It can be distinguished from the first series (1970 V80 [70VJ] VC-160) by the lack of impulse starter, 8" rear wheels and Badge style.
And from the Second Series (1971 V96 [71VJ] VC-160) by the updated latches where the handles meet the base, the plastic tooth height adjuster, and the 2-part rear flap.
Both the 2nd and 3rd series use the Series 70 MKII engine, while the 1st uses the MKI engine (no decompresser, Impulse starter)
This mower was run from mid 1972 to mid 1973, and was the last of the VC-160's, being superseded in 1973 by the VC-Mustang.



VC Mustang