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Victa Model 4 Automatic

Released in 1957, and is the most sort after Victa there is.
Anyone who collects Victa's will tell you that this is the one they would all love to own.

Not bad for a flop.


* Victa 3.6hp 125cc Engine
* Predicta setup.
* 2 safety Rims (side skirts).
* First Victa to utilize the Alloy base.
* Alloy badge between handle bars.
* Automatic rewind starter with green Knob.
* Green plastic fuel cap.(hammertone green)
* Cigar shaped fuel tap.
* Large handle bar adjusting bolts.
* Edger assembly cover with retaining nuts.
* 2 throttle cables.


This is a quote from the Victa Automatic instruction booklet:

"The outstanding feature of the VICTA 18 AUTOMATIC
is the Predicta Automatic Accelerator. This unique device
automatically controls the engine acceleration, thus eliminating
the use of a hand throttle or engine governor.
Irrespective of the height or thickness of the grass, the
engine will automatically produce sufficient revolutions to cut
it, and if a bare patch of lawn is encountered or the movement
of the mower is stopped, the engine will automatically reduce
to an idling speed.
This feature will reduce engine wear, as it is never run at high
speed unnecessarily."

More exciting new pictures coming soon.

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Ken's Automatic



Tony's Automatic